Inspired by UBC's AMS SafeWalk, we wanted to provide a smoother user experience for people to get home safe. Using a flow similar to Uber, we are aiming to digitalize the process, without having to deal with tedious calls and lack of live status.

What it does:

Stride pairs you with walkers, to get you home safe!

How we built it:

React Native, Express JS, MongoDB

Challenges we ran into:

Environment setups were especially tough, setting up mobile development on an Intel Macbook, M1 Macbook and Windows laptop, there were a lot of variation, each creating different and difficult issues.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of:

Finishing the app and placing 2nd out of 133 teams!

What we learned:

Rapid mobile development, use of Mongoose data schemas.

What's next for Delve:

Improve the app and hopefully as a first step being able to offer the solution to UBC AMS to improve their SafeWalk program.